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Company history:

The company was founded in 2013 as a service company for own business in the relevant industries. With expertise development we started to offer Expertise-as-a-Service as well as turn key solutions to the SME customers.

Our well established infrastructure had proved its efficiency over the years. We operate own resources in South East Asia, Taiwan and China. We understand how the things are moving and move them. That’s simple.

Our inhouse international team of experts utilize best available practices to reach the goals. We engage local professionals to fulfill in those parts where it is necessary. Combining the above we are becoming able to implement powerful approach to the market solutions.

Main activities

Company main activities:

Industrial and consumer electronics

Industrial electronics is a branch of electronics that deals with power electronic devices such as thyristors, SCRs, AC/DC drives, meters, sensors, analyzers, load cells automatic test equipment, mulitimeters, data recorders, relays, resistors, semiconductors, transistors, waveguides, scopes, amplifiers, radio frequency (RF) circuit boards, timers, counters, etc. It covers all of the methods and facets of: control systems, instrumentation, mechanism and diagnosis, signal processing and automation of various industrial applications. At the same time the wireless charging, ESD circuit protection, and capacitive touch controller ICs are the go-to solutions for today's consumer electronics industry.

Software development and testing

Development is writing the code, testing is finding out whether or not the code runs the way you expect it to. Software testing is a scrutiny performed to provide information about the quality of a product or software under test to the concerned clients. The trained professionals who perform these testing jobs are called software testers. Software testing includes many different techniques and is not only limited to execution of programs to find errors or software bugs.

Market research and R&D

Market research helps you develop knowledge of your industry and your company's competition. Knowing your potential and current customers and their purchasing preferences allows you to modify your products and marketing campaigns to increase sales. In addition, understanding your competitors' customer base and marketing strategies can give your company a competitive edge in the industry. Successful market research can also help you identify opportunities to create a new market where one does not currently exist.

Supply chains solutions and Import-Export

Finding a solution can be challenging at first. It will take some time for a business to discover the right process that works for them. There is no one answer fits all, rather a unique, business-specific training program must be developed. Some solutions may include putting together a team in charge of locating the latest supply chain innovations and coming up with a plan to train the rest of the staff. Others could be outsourced training programs funded by the organization whose employees will be taking part. Continuous training will be vital in order to remain effective in this transforming industry.


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